Circumstance, 2014, mixed media, 4m x 6m x 4m, Installation view, Times Museum, Guangzhou, China
芭芭拉·戴维 境遇 2014 混合材料

Barbara Davi, Circumstance, 2014

Barbara Davi’s installations usually operate within a given space. Through sculptural interventions using minimalist methods, Davi challenges the rituals and aesthetics of an art space. The round windows were originally one of the prominent architectural elements of Times Museum, and Davi now transforms into sculptural elements, creating a particular visual relationship between the visitors, the work, and the space. The materialization of wooden elements contrasts with the clean and bright exhibition space, while the table—as an ordinary object from a domestic environment—responds to the everyday space that the museum situates, and creates a familiar reference to the body in the exhibition space. The table came from the artist’s imagination of another time; it changes our point of view by juxtaposing an idea of construction and deconstruction in the same temporal and spatial context.

Times Heterotopia Trilogy #2: You Can Only Think about Something if You Think of Something Else

Guangdong Times Museum
Curated by Nikita Yingqian Cai

芭芭拉·戴维 境遇 2014 混合材料


「时代异托邦三部曲 #2:不想点别的事情,简直就无法思考 」